50th anniversary poems
50th anniversary poems

Love poem for husband

Trust My Love

You can trust my love for you,
It will always pull you through.
If you need a friend I’ll be there,
To show you how much I care.
Your love makes me whole,
I feel it deep in my soul.
With our hearts together,
We’ll have love forever.
I’ll reach out my hand,
When I can not understand.
My eyes will open to your heart,
I’ll find the missing part,
Then I will comfort your pain,
And stop the pouring rain.
I’ll stand strong when you’re weak,
I’ll hold the answers that you seek.
I’ll be the second half of one,
I’ll love you when each day is done.

Love poem for husband #2: Hand In Hand Together

The little boy has grown up now.
He found the little girl somehow.
God’s miracle it must have been,
Because their love has no end.
Some people just don’t understand,
Why they always walk hand in hand.
Two hearts together became one.
A love to always rely on.
They’ve had joy; they’ve had grief,
But most of all their belief.
That hand in hand and heart to heart,
Their love will never part.
The vows they made together,
Will remain in their hearts forever.
So they’ll walk hand in hand,
Through their journey to the Promised Land.
The streets of heaven will light their way
To walk hand in hand in heaven someday.
Hand in hand as they both grow old
Far better riches than silver or gold.