50th anniversary poems
50th anniversary poems

50th anniversary poems

#1 poem
One by one each year flew by,
Since you both said “I do”
Forty years of memories,
Shared by the two of you.
From big events and holidays
To simple daily pleasures,
Some tearful times along life’s way,
Some joys that can’t be measured
One by one each year now gone,
But still they’re yours forever
Each and every memory,
Of Fify years together!
Happy Golden Anniversary

50th anniversary poem #2
May the 50 years of memories
And the joys that you recall
Help make this golden anniversary
Your very best of all,
And may these truly happy years
Of seeing dreams come true
Be a promise of still greater joy
In the years ahead of you!

Fifty Years
Fifty years is quite a while
For most good things to last;
But you’re still together and still in love;
You must share a wonderful past.

We celebrate you this wonderful day,
And hope that your bond keeps on growing;
You’re a pair we should study and do what you say,
'Cause your secret is well worth the knowing!

50th anniversary poems

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